How To Download Sildurs Shaders: Slidur’s shaders is basically a pack for Minecraft that has more yellow tint for playing the game in day time and very dark look at night. It will make things extra easy to play. It is also great for the computers that don’t have the best performance. In this article, I will share that how to download Slidur’s shaders in Minecraft.

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How to Download Sildur’s Shaders

How To Download Sildurs Shader

Slidur’s shaders is basically a mod. It is said to be a graphics pack that is basically to provide the best graphics for Minecraft. Before downloading Slidur’s Shaders you need to download the Optifine because the shader pack are not supported by Vanilla Minecraft. You must need to download and install Optifine to get Slidur’s shaders running in the Minecraft. Here are few steps to get the Slidur’s shaders easily.

Step 1: Download Slidur’s Shaders

In order to download it, you can easily visit their official website. Once you reach at the official site of Slidur’s shaders you can see at the right top all latest versions of this mod. Choosing the version is dependent on your computer. You can easily select from lite to extreme. The higher the quality of shaders pack the best performance computer is needed.

Downloading th Slidur’s shaders you just need to click the download button on the version you want. You can easily directed towards the Mediafire where you can click download button and in nano seconds it will start downloading.

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Step 2: Open shaders pack folder in Minecraft

As stated above that this is basically the pack of graphics that will provide yellow tint for day and darker mode for night time. In the main menu of Minecraft, click on the options. In video settings, you can easily click the shaders folder and select the mod you want.

At last you done with the Slidur’s Shaders. Easily use the shaders pack in the Minecraft MOD APK.

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